Vincent Sipp


« Sharing emotions makes new ones come alive »

Vincent Sipp descends from a long line of winegrowers and has dutifully inherited their know-how. He started on his quest for excellence about 20 years ago and if the vinification method is a continuation of working in the vineyards, it’s first and foremost the outcome of oneself, like a purveyor between tradition and modernity, teaching the “elders” and, in turn, passing on to others.

Making wine is easy, but making good wine is like searching for the Grail, the ultimate achievement, and is our guiding thread … creating highly precise wines, stable from year to year, and accepting what the vineyards have graciously given us.

It’s also about daring to create - for example, a great Pinot Noir which is identical to the grand crus (according to connoisseur remarks) or promoting young, already successful wines (several renowned restaurants have already adopted them).

The pleasure of making wine goes hand in hand with the pleasure of appreciating it with others. It’s both the love of the earth and the love we bestow upon others. As any visitor who has already visited the estate knows - it’s a lifestyle which we willingly share.